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What Would You Like To Learn?

Beside organizing workshop for an open public, I am at your disposal for anything food related you would like to learn, with personalized cooking classes and courses, for individuals or groups, at your places or one of my locations. 

Thai, Italian, Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine, monographic courses on specific topics and much more. What would you like to learn? Ask me....

Have a look at some photos from past workshops!


Yacht Specific Courses

In my long experience on yacht I have learnt all the tricks that can make a chef's life easier and the guest and crew happier. That's why I thought to put this knowledge at use setting up some courses specific for people that wants to become chef on yachts.

From Kitchen to Galley


For experienced chefs stepping for the first time on a boat. 

There are huge differences between working in a restaurants and on a boat, differences that goes beyond the obvious, but often agents, captains and owners are not aware of it.

This short course is studied to give an overview of the new challenge you will meet in all its aspect, putting you in condition to face it at best.

Galley Organization for Greenies


You are good at cooking so you want to become a chef on a yacht....Good! But being good at cooking is not nearly enough.

In this course you will learn how to organize yourself at best in a galley, to be in control of your time and satisfy your guest at best without over stressing. 

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