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A Unique Experience Tailored on You

Try the pleasure to have a Chef at your full disposal, at your place or in our locations.

Even better than a restaurant, you will enjoy the luxury of top quality meals, with exclusive and personalized menus, served in the comfort and safety of your house or the privacy and luxury of our locations in Pollença and Palma

  • Holiday Chef: to enjoy your vacations without the hassle of cooking.

  • Celebrations: for something special in the comfort of your house.

  • Romantic dinners: a magic surprise for your partner.

  • Everyday cooking: if you are just too busy for cooking and still want to eat healthy and tasty

  • Business coffee and brunch: to personalize your meetings while optimizing everybody's time.

  • Business lunch/dinner: to impress your business partners with something special in the discretion of a private location

  • Canapes and fingerfood : to entertain your guest during presentations, openings, vernissages. 

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